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Nineties Phrase that Paid

Nineties Phrase that Paid(not really)
By Tasha Wilson

Hey Positive Peeps! It’s been a while and in order to keep in step with the 90s theme for this month, I have decided to give you all a look back at local community members who all grew up here in Modesto during the 90s. I know each of these individuals personally and we all attended Fred C. Beyer High School. Each person will take you on a journey back to this 90s era that was filled with nothing but laughs and baggy clothes. There were quite a few submissions and making my final selections turned into a long and arduous task. Though I feel confident in my choices, it is my hope that these photos and reflective memories bring a joy to your heart as you reminisce about the good-ole-90s!

There were only three requirements I needed to be fulfilled. Request 1: Provide me with your 90s yearbook photo. Request 2: Share a 90s phrase that never leaves your memory. Request 3: Explain to me why you still remember that phrase. Needless to say, my responses were overwhelming, and each submission was creative. Still, I had choices to make. I decided to go with the phrases that were clean enough to publish in our family-friendly magazine.

Let us begin with world-renowned Artist, Muralist, and Professor, Francisco Franko. He and his partner, Susie, are the proud parents of two little ones – A boy, and a girl. Before his successful career began, I knew him simply, as “Frankie,” and he grew up here in Stanislaus County, before traveling the world with his art. You can find his catalog of work at In the meantime, check out his yearbook photo! Clearly, Francisco Franko knew, (even back then), that he would be leaving a memorable mark on this earth! There was a focus in his eyes that not everyone had in high school. When I asked Frankie, “What was your favorite 90s phrase, and why does it still remain in your memory?” He replied, “My favorite phrase was, “Don’t get it twisted,” simply because it was the most poignant way to convey and call out someone who misread the facts.”

Next, we have my friend Julia (Rose) Wright. Mrs Wright teaches at Modesto High School and is adored by her students. She has a heart of gold and is always looking for ways to help others – (even though she and her husband James always have their hands full as the parents of 4 highly successful young men)! Julia’s phrase of choice was “Totally Awesome!” She loved that phrase because it expressed a way of giving the highest praise to absolutely anything! She went on to say, “This phrase could be used to describe a cool pair of jeans. It could be used to reference a party from the previous weekend, or it could be used when you were excited to attend an upcoming concert. All of those things could be: TOTALLY AWESOME!

Holly Gilton is yet another Beyer High School 1990s graduate. She and I have known each other since Junior High School, where we attended Somerset. Holly has three sons and is a Stanislaus County Social Worker Supervisor. She does a phenomenal job helping to create safe environments for those who may not feel so safe at times. Even in her tough and demanding position, she found the time to provide me with her photo and phrase. She chose the phrase, “As if!” She went on to say, “As if was one of those phrases that could be used for just about anything. It was a catch-all for all the things that you would never do. As if (!), I would ________, (fill in the blank. . . . go see that movie, go out with that guy, and/or take a bite out of that), etc.! It was such a universal and versatile phrase!”

This leads me up to my friend Julie Richardson. Julie was my very best friend in High School, and she is one of my (S)hero’s today, (as she single-handedly raises five), children as a single working mom! In between her work hours and school time, you can always find her somewhere, sharing positive words of affirmation to anyone she can! Curious about her phrase choice? “Talk to the hand!” This phrase was used for someone not into the drama and quick to end a conversation that was quite possibly going nowhere!

Finally, my phrase choice: “You buggin!’” I took it from the 90s Martin Lawrence TV Show, “Martin,” and I believe the phrase is self-explanatory!

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