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ComedyView: Stay Hydrated

By Felicia Aleman

Hello, hello, hello. I’m having more fun than a skunk at a perfume factory. I just made that up, not sure what it means, but I think I’m going to stand by my statement.  Check out the events in the back this month for September comedy because there are too many to list and you know you need to go out.
This month I am interviewing the very funny Rhoda Ramone. Rhoda is working with Roman Guzman and not only hosting but helping to produce his monthly Comedy Show at the Bistro this month she will be hosting September 13 at 8 with headliner Chelsea Bearce.
So, I sat down with Rhoda (translation: I sent her some random thoughts in an email or something and she answered them. It seemed so professional)
Felicia: How do you balance being a mom and a desire to live a lifestyle usually attributed to royalty?
Rhoda: Standup lifestyle is like royalty? Where’s my chauffeur? Where my diamonds at? Where’s my Duke husband/distant cousin? This is new to me. However, my wedding dress was a replica of Kate Middleton’s. Maybe that is why I am single now.
Note: Rhoda said some serious stuff about being a mom, and really, we get it, you’re a good mom. I only have 400 words so we have to move on
Felicia: What is the most important thing we should know about your comedy?
Rhoda: My comedy is about me and my experience. It’s honest and embarrassing and weird, like me. 
Felicia: You’re just now getting into producing shows. Why’d you start now and why did you wait?
Rhoda: My time is very limited with a day job and trying not to be a crappy mom. So producing something seemed a little overwhelming, I wasn’t sure I could do a good job. But on the other hand, I am always interested in learning and doing new things, so when the chance to co-produce with Roman came up it seemed like a great opportunity to learn the ropes but also to have someone that knew what they were doing to help. Basically, if this show is a disaster it is all his fault and I had nothing to do with it. I kid, I kid.
Felicia: Any random silliness to add?
Rhoda: I am excited for the show because the venue has these gyro sandwiches that make me forget my sadness…
Felicia: Until next month. Stay Hydrated.



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