Fee Waybill of the Tubes Rides Again!

LOS ANGELES, July 17, 2020

The album debuts Top 10 on Amazon’s New Rock Releases Chart

Fee Waybill, the raucous, irrepressible front man for the Tubes reacts, “It is a thrill to have such an enthusiastic response to this new music. The gift of having the incredibly talented Richard Marx produce, write, sing, and play on this album pushed me to a new level of songwriting and singing.” Fee goes on to further explain that it was truly Richard’s encouragement and friendship that brought this album to life, 7 years in the making.

“I love records with lots of variety, like this one, but I also just miss great rock albums and Fee is one of the greatest rock singers ever, so I wanted the focus to be on guitar-driven power” explains Richard Marx as to the impetus behind the music.

Guitar super talents like Michael Landau, Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon along with virtuosos like Jason Blynn and Whynot Jansveld on bass, highlight their natural enthusiasm for the music with their exceptional performances.
Fee and Richard worked on creating the varied themes, tempos, and moods that emanate from this album enriching the overall result. The dynamic pairing of these two diverse and seasoned talents creates music with universal appeal.

“When we wrote ‘Faker’, I knew I wanted it to be the cornerstone of the album” says Richard. The album also features the melodic and soulful “Say Goodbye”, the hard charging political commentary on “Promise Land” and the crossover country vibe “Still you on the Inside” written by Richard, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger,and Chris Daughtry.

The undeniable musical talents that contributed to this album burnish the songwriting. Drummers Brandon Marx, Brian Griffin, and Josh Freese, (Nine Inch Nails, Sting), results in a complete album that is just totally polished and rocking on every level.

Fee says, “Putting this music out into the world now feels incredible and hopefully it will provide joy and happiness in this unprecedented time.”

“WHOA! Just streamed the album and it was fantastic!” Matt Butler, Amazon Music

“What a killer return from Fee Waybill. His voice is still a powerhouse and his lyrics are as full of poetry, humor and cynicism as they’ve always been. Great album top to bottom!!!” 80s Dude 122861, Apple Music

“…There is not a throwaway track on this album…” Margaret, Amazon Music

Stream Here:

Apple Music<r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001jaD4DNG1NiWy7yAV_MQPxa534qvM2BiTW8Lqj8TMfNX_9_O0cyauoSZkYTV3iAaXDdbD2mbgydoOIxnawU2P81F_MENk-OIwLiwZ28LNlKaVAHBwGx9eUxx4HXu0oZPDe6eJnK0e-Lcqq3-mF2gTdQ0wUHkmcdmg2zdzV6vwzRmMz…>

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