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FilmView:Aberrant Films

FilmView: Aberrant Films
By Tasha Wilson

More than likely, you’ve already heard about Modesto’s 20 Year Plan. Well, brace yourself because this up-and-coming, Moguls in the making duo, are destined to change the trajectory of said plan! Allow me to introduce you to Sky Tallone and Jon “Spider” Santana. Together as partners in business, (and in love), they have created a locally successful company called Aberrant Films.
The two met while attending The Academy of Art in 2007. Initially, a friendship emerged over their love of competitive pool. To this day, neither can agree on who is better at the game. At any rate, one thing is true, they both share a love of film and a great desire to develop their craft by making it huge here, in Stanislaus County.

Sky and Spider are a strikingly attractive couple. To look at them, you end up wondering why they don’t just cast themselves in the starring roles of their own films. Each has done their fair share of acting, but their true passion is in writing and directing. I tease them about their good looks because, with those great faces, you would never think that the two of them would write such dark scripts and stories. I call their writing style, “Very dark, (with a smile).”

Sky and Spider’s film company have already garnered them multiple awards for the films they have created together. Their repertoire consists of numerous films, including “Vox Populi” and “Citizen Cube.” Although they work closely with their friend Tyson, an illustrator and one of their buddies from The Academy of Art, many of the early productions were created in the home of Sky’s mother and father. When it came time to shoot, often, it was a family affair.

Sky’s sister Sierra, also acts in a few leading roles, including, “Finn Stein.” I co-starred alongside Sierra in “The Top Room” for the 2019 Modesto 48 Hour Film Competition. Aberrant Films was awarded “Best Student Film.”

Aberrant Films is lighting up Modesto’s entertainment sky with stars in the making and we have Sky Tallone and Jon “Spider” Santana to thank for it! If you have a passion for acting and are interested in auditioning for Aberrant Films in 2020, reach out here: Central Valley Filmmaker Meet-up: or on and search “Aberrant Films.”

Finally, our signature question – Beatles or Stones? Sky laughs, “Beatles because my dad brainwashed me to love them!”

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