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By Efren Martinez
Heart Health

We build our triceps, biceps, pectorals and just about every other muscle in the body. So how much time are you spending in your workout to build the most important muscle we have? I’m talking about your heart. Yes, the heart is a muscular organ and it keeps us all living. As I’ve said before, beauty fades as well as our youthful muscle definition. I’m sure this is hard to believe if you’re a teenager, but it’s true and more so depending on your genetic makeup. Quite often we can determine what our bodies will look like when we get older just by looking at our parents. Yes, a saggy or no bottom may be in your future no matter what because gravity does rule. So don’t be a boob, put all that aside and start to spend as much time building your heart muscle with cardio as you do lifting weights to build your chest, arms and muscular appearance.

Friends don’t worry, growing old and aging can be a beautiful part of life if you’re healthy. Remember you need to start to take care of the inside of your body early on, particularly taking care of your heart as much as you do with your muscular outer appearance. All too often while I’m at the gym I see much of the youth spending little to no time doing cardio and only spending time building their muscles. In a way this heart health piece is being particularly directed to them. It’s never too late at any age to care and love your heart. Ok boys and girls, still concerned about having a saggy bottom? No worries, just buy yourself a booty pop; “as seen on facebook” All kidding aside, the best way to really stay healthy at any age is to equal out your cardio with strength training, avoid spending too much time in the sun, drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, don’t smoke/vape and avoid alcohol as much as possible or even all together. As far as I’m concerned this is the recipe to the fountain of youth.

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