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Grandaddy: In a Trance Wandering Around

A month or so ago after the promotion for the Grandaddy Sophtware Slump 20 year Anniversary stuff died down I decided I wanted to do some kind of online performance of piano songs. This would allow me to branch out and play some songs I don’t often play, mixed in with songs that get played a bit more regularly. As I began assembling a setlist I realized there was no reason to limit myself to just the piano so I added in some acoustic guitar and even my beloved Yamaha pump organ (that I bought for 5 dollars in a thrift store in Great Falls Montana.)

I started noticing all of these online performances streaming all over the internet and even had a look at a few of them. I quickly realized I wanted to do something a little different and funner than just setting up a smartphone in a rehearsal space or on top of a kitchen table and plunking out a few lo rez recorded songs.

After considering a few different possible scenarios and troubleshooting a bit with my good friend Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart, Admiral Radley, The Ship Studio) we decided a well-recorded performance in a very cozy environment (Aaron’s The Ship studio) was the way to go.

To film it I asked my friend Aaron Beckum who made/directed Grandaddy’s “Brush with the Wild” video and also writes awesome music under his own name.

I also thought that adding a storytelling element to it might be cool so I did that and then Aaron B and I cruised around out in the world and shot some other footage to keep things interesting.

Keeping it small and comfortable and only involving my “2 Aaron’s” really allowed me to relax and enjoy the process. We shot and recorded it all with very minimal takes and/or edits and I feel it’s a nice documentation of what went down at the time.


love to my other dudes in the band (rip Kevin)

love to grandaddy fans

and pleeeeeeeease keep healthy & safe

Hope you all enjoy

Jason Lytle

North + South America – Friday, April 9th 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern

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