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Lowrider Culture Takes Center Stage at Graffiti USA

Lowrider Culture Takes Center Stage at Graffiti USA
By Middagh Goodwin and Carly Russell
On the heels of Hispanic heritage month, and as the Modesto Crusier’s Council works towards recognition for their community and cultural pastime, (gatherings that commingle their love for classic cars and a celebration of family and support for the community.)

Till Andrade’s 1956 Chevy Wagon Lowrider “Rosemary” is now on display at Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum. It was unveiled at the Modesto Cruiser’s Council Crush Cancer Cruise meet-up at the Museum on October 21st. “Rosemary”, a 1956 Chevy Wagon celebrates family, history, and Chicano culture. The car’s restoration has been a family affair in memory of Andrade’s beloved mother-in-law, Rosemary.  Over a 7-year period, Andrade’s family has added a new radiator, fan, alternator, air shocks, tires, horns, and a vibrant paint job to their classic Chevy wagon.  

Lowriding goes back to the early days of cruising when Hispanic GIs returned home with money in their pockets from their time in the service. Like many Americans, they spent some of that money on buying a car. There was a  surplus of Chevys to be bought at a reasonable price and they became the preferred car for lowriders. Many using the mechanical skills they acquired in the military would fix up and modify the cars, oftentimes putting weights in the trunk to lower the cars. Whereas the Hot Rods were made to be hot and fast, the lowriders were built to go low and slow.

Going back to the early seventies, low-rider clubs have made the community the key element to who they are and what they do. Yes, they talk about and work on cars just like any other car club but the social aspect is a much larger component. On any given weekend you will find members of the 20-plus local lowrider clubs out raising money for charity, funeral or medical expenses and not just for those in their immediate group. Lowriders encompass the largest population of up-and-coming classic car enthusiasts.
Familia is key and everyone is encouraged to be involved from grandmothers to the kids.

“Rosemary” is the perfect example of what lowriding is all about, a mobile piece of art that often honors not just one’s own heritage and history but also family on four wheels. 

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Middagh Goodwin LIVES Music. He has been booking and promoting Music, Art, and Comedy in the Central Valley for years. He ran the award-winning Plea for Peace Center in Stockton for 5 Years and has booked bands from A-Z. In addition, he is the managing editor of ModestoView and writes the MAMAView and GeekView. Middagh works with the Modesto Area Music Association and books Music in the Plaza. In addition, he owns and operates Graffiti-Con, where cars and pop culture intersects. More recently, Middagh has been working with the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum, helping to create unique events that help raise funds and awareness of the museum and its mission. On top of that, you can tune into one of two shows that Middagh Goodwin hosts on KCBP 95.5 FM; This is SKA and MAMA Radio.