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Night at the Whisky with Red Dragon Cartel

by Russ Allsup and Dan Westcott

The energy was high inside the world famous Whisky A Go Go for the return of Southern California’s own Jake E. Lee, fronting his newest project, but I’m not sure anyone was truly ready for what was about to happen. One of the opening bands, Angeles, was on point, making sure to bring good old fashion rock n roll to an eager crowd. I found out later that they’ve been Sunset strip mainstays for quite a while- since the late 70’s, and proved why they’re still around and going strong. Their sound is reminiscent of early Van Halen meets Motley Crue. They’re a band worth checking out. As the witching hour slowly approached there was a definite sense of anticipation that could be felt throughout the room. Attendees included Jakes’ former roommate and bandmate Warren DeMartini, who you could see enjoyed the performance as much as anyone in the crowd. When the lights dimmed, and the headliners walked down the steps to the stage, all bets were off as the energy took a noticeable jump. The band embodies the look of four guys that know exactly what we were expecting, and they didn’t disappoint.

The set started off with a few hard-rocking originals that make you realize you definitely made the right choice staying up late on a Thursday night. A few songs in, and it was time to bring out the Badlands (Jakes’ project after parting ways with Ozzy Osbourne) material The set list was heavy with songs from the new Red Dragon Cartel release Patina, which everyone that enjoys straight ahead no frills rock and roll, check out. It’s the kind of album that’s good for when you’re kicking back at home or with friends, but truly amazing when you’re out driving the SUV, letting the riffs propel your imagination to believe you’re in a GTO screaming all the way to Vegas.

The Cartel took it up one notch further when they ended the set with the ultra classic High Wire, where Darren gave it his all, as that song truly demands. Backed by a solid rhythm section, the guitar was beyond mind-blowing song after song, reminding us all what a great talent Jake E. Lee truly is. Definitely one of the best shows I’ve seen in all my years as an avid concert enthusiast.

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