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Featured Friday Tiffany Rose De La Cruz

Featured Friday

Tiffany Rose De La Cruz is a Mother, business owner and Modesto Area Music Award winner.

Your Name?
Tiffany Rose De La Cruz

Home base?
I’m from Modesto CA. Lived in the mountains for some time and the bay area for some time. Tangled T’s Hair and Music Studio.

What do you do, What is your story?
I am a singer-songwriter. The owner of Tangled Ts Hair and Music Studio. Hairdresser for about 15 years. Mother for almost 10. Lover for life. I grew up with some struggle. Odds were definitely against me. Moved around. Raised by grandparents. Welfare. But in it all, I have always been loved and that’s where I found all my blessings. Grew up in church and started singing as a church soloist at a young age. That’s where it all started my love for music.

What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about compassion and love. Everyone deserves a chance. To experience their own light. To share my light. A hug. A friend. A smile. And I hope to help share those things in this walk. As I grow older. I grow. I learn about myself and people and what acceptance really is. I’m still learning every day.

Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant, Go ahead and brag.
An accomplishment that I’m proud of would definitely be my shop. Tangled Ts. It’s opened so many doors for me I’ve never expected. It’s blessed me with so many friendships and unforgettable memories. I’ve created an atmosphere where people can be creative in all aspects. It started my career in singing in a band, Tiffany Rose & the Outlaw Hearts, that was a life long dream. It allows us to give back to our community even offering free haircuts once a month for the homeless at the homeless camp with the help of Streets United. Let’s me work side by side to people I love and respect. Let’s me do what I love daily. Is been open for 7 years now. And I stayed afloat through some of the most trying moments of my life. It’s given me a community that I can stand tall with. I love this town. And I’m grateful for the blessings I’ve received. And the struggles. It has all made me a better person. I thank God every day for this life.

What are you working on next?
A project I’m working on is our first album with the band Tiffany Rose & the Outlaw Hearts. It’s been going well. Can’t wait to release it!

The Chris Murphy Question, Beatles or Rolling Stones?
Rolling Stone or Beatles. Dang. Gotta go with the rolling stones. Favorite song is, Miss You!!!

Thank you for thinking of me. Humbling and flattering



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