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 by Dave Storm
   Through the view of the silent shutter, in today’s 21st century of photography, we take a selective macro lens glimpse, into a unique area of a dynamic interest, through the filters of digital rendering, in a world of nearly digital everything. And in this unique and unveiled form of digital photography shared by way of visionary mind’s eye perspective.  A new kind of modern age photographer was born.
   The profession of what is known today as, “Digitography.” Now through the painstaking hours of a digitographers footage, are billions of pixels of imaged artistry, which are merged together, upon the same palette through endless frames of editing, so much to the point that not only are the finalized works of these digitographers, absolutely amazing, but the resolution continually breaks new ground, as the release of newer tech advances forth, giving way to a seemingly refreshed new innovation, based on a pre-existing  method of ‘reinventing the wheel, so to speak. But now from a 21st-century digitographers prospectus, or to further imply. It certainly has a more strategic approach in terms that continues to transform the world of photography, daily. Wherein the gracious moments of traditional weddings and other special events, once were. Are now captured cinematically upon the walls of our hearts and minds, forever. Which brings me to the creative focal point of my story. Permit me to introduce you to visionary virtuoso “Raymond Croxan” owner/operator of “Milestone Cinematography” in Modesto.
   A former U.S Marine Avionics Technician, Raymond was raised in the neighboring community of Oakdale, where he lived, studied and also played football as a lineman, for the Oakdale High Mustangs. Taking a deep interest in photography at a very early age, Ray’s deep-felt interest soon turned into a full-time passion which he later developed during the forthcoming years of his younger adult life. With his incredible passion for film and his love for cinematography, Ray has created himself, as one Modesto’s highly sought after digitographers, as he continues to grow and the expansion of  “Milestone Cinematography” with the up-most in quality digital production, from the exchange breathtaking vows to his magnificent overhead aerials. His professionalism and well-mannered nature have terrifically established him easily, as one of Modesto’s highest referred digitographers for weddings and special events. Where you may find yourself taken back by what you thought at first was simply a trailer for an upcoming film. In fact, turns out to actually be a common traditional wedding. A wedding  Ray has artistically created in such a cinema life-like format, that it moves me to jokingly footnote: ”Now Playing” at a wedding, near you.”

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