SongwritterView: Tears for Tiers

SongwritterView: Tears for Tiers
By Patty Castillo Davis

Spring Fever AND Cabin Fever.
We haven’t had the opportunity to live life as normal and continue a sense of well-being that comes from a healthy social circle -you, like me, might be ready to run screaming. Health experts say that guessing at a reopening timeline is no easier today than it was a year ago.

On the list of those activities that people have said that they miss -number one is live music entertainment.

Live music with its high-intensity indoor audiences and intricate group logistics cannot be profitable unless all promoters, venue operators and artists feel safe resuming the usual touring cycle.

Large outdoor events that are not minding the recommended guidelines and continuing half-speed ahead are not paying artists the minimum wage and are hiring talent of a lesser standard and popularity to keep ahead of the competition. Any local annual events that were cancelled last year whose event and promotion companies enjoyed payment protections and loans from the COVID relief packages while the musicians themselves did not are disingenuous. According to entertainment trade publications, live music events held before Fall 2021 will not be ethical, profitable and most importantly safe.

To those businesses that have been mindful, to those people who have faced insurmountable challenges and those of you who have incurred unfathomable losses, take hope as we move newly into the Red Tier that the end is in sight. We will venture forward into our new normal educated by our experiences. Don’t forget those who cared more about their profit margin with disregard to the health and safety of our community. Don’t forget those who kept us afloat by feeding us, wearing a mask, making sure we did not go without and who listened to our concerns about the unknown. We are amongst heroes.

On a lighter more altruistic topic, we are set to celebrate half a century of mobilization for action on the part of an environmental movement. It was in 1970 that the first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22. Today, Earth Day is hailed as the largest secular observance in the world. Create transformative action for our planet and start local- recycle, plant a garden space, use public transportation or ride a bike. Visit to see how you can help. We can all do something small for a collective change.

On Thursday, April 22 A Gathering of the Vibes will hold an outdoor community concert at 3318 Wycliffe Drive in Modesto. This Earth Day celebration will begin at 6 pm with an opening set by Kalea Jackson, 2019 Valley Talent Project Sweepstakes Winner. This free event is for all ages. All prevailing rules of the CDC and local health authorities will be adhered to at the time of this event. Lifestyle Influencer, Tasha Wilson will sing a message of hope and the artists from ModestoRocks will be leaving gifts at the space. A Love Offering will be available for donations that will go back into the community.

We all want to resume normal activities. We all want to continue our livelihood and traditions and spring into a positive future. Please, search your conscience and put our community first-in a healthy place and get vaccinated, continue to mask up and social distance. We will open soon-sure and steady saves lives, it’s not worth one more life lost.

For more info and inquiries on organizing your own safe and socially distanced neighborhood events/concerts contact-
Mucho Cuidad, stay safe.

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