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Support Local Shop Local

Support Local Shop Local
By Middagh Goodwin

Modesto’s population is approximately 216,810, it is the 19th largest city in California. What does that ultimately mean? There are a lot of people living in and around Modesto.

Statistics show that about 68% of what is spent locally is reinvested in the community. Remember that statistic. Independent businesses return back into the community more than three times as much money per dollar of sales than chain competitors.

How can we grow our local economy?

What I am suggesting is if we all just switch our spending, even just a little it will add up to a huge impact. Even $5, the price of a cup of coffee at one of those corporate cafes. That minute amount adds up in a very large way.

We want to make sure all our favorite places are still serving us when things return to normal. We are going to want to go out and eat, get our hair cut or have a spa day. Not everyone that lives in Modesto is in a position to spend even $20 extra while we wait. Let us remove the very young and old and the unemployed that is somewhere around 40% of Modesto’s population. Let us for good measure and to make it easier round that number up to 50%. 50% is 108,405. That is still a large number of people. If each of us spends just an average of $20 on gift certificates or deliveries from local Cafes and Restaurants, Hair Salons, Spas and other locally owned businesses that amount adds up to $2,168,100 in just a month. In a year’s time, that comes to $26,017,200. What a generous amount of money to give to invest in our Community, in our friends and neighbors.

Remember I told you to not forget about that statistic of 68%? Those local businesses you are supporting spend a significant amount of that back locally in your shops and restaurants. employee your friends and family. That is an extra 1,474,308 each month going back into the local economy. This is a compounded effect.

Maybe instead you want to buy gifts for the holidays? There are several great artists, crafters and artisans that you can support and get unique gifts for your loved ones. Gift Certificates to places that host Live Music and plays make fantastic gifts too. Pledge to go out and support your Community when things get back to normal.

Shop localshop small and remember together we can make an incredible impact!

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Middagh Goodwin LIVES Music. He has been booking and promoting Music, Art and Comedy for years in the Central Valley. He ran the award winning Plea for Peace Center in Stockton for 5 Years and has booked bands from A-Z. Middagh is beginning 2016 with a new position at the Gallo Center for the Arts and celebrating Beat Happy! Music's 30th Anniversary. Read the MAMAView every month and a the Needle Drop 52 Records 52 Weeks.