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I love wearing my Modesto gear.   One of my all time favorite Modesto shirts is my Modesto High School Cross Country shirt.  Always makes me feel good.  I love to travel and I love wearing my ModestoView t-shirts or my Modesto Graffiti, Porchfest or old X Fest shirts.  I only have t-shirts that are from a place I have been or a band I like.  The only logo’d shirts I have are from Modesto.

Here are a couple of cool shirts you can get that fly the colors.  Oddly enough, you can get Modesto t-shirts at Save Mart or other local stores.  Go figure.  But no matter what, get yourself a Modesto shirt and wear it with pride!  Here are a couple of places you can get Modesto gear.

Glorious Modesto – This is a really cool civid pride campaign and you can find this shirt at Visit Modesto offices. 

Love Modesto – This is a great way to support love Modesto with one of Modesto’s most popular shirts.  Available at www.lovemodesto.com 

Visit Modesto has a line of shirts that are all about our authentic Modesto culture and there are a couple of cool items.   www.visitmodesto.com

Modesto Graffiti USA has some really fun shirts if you love our classic car culture and want to have a hot-ridding good time.  These are available at www.modestograffitiusa.com and soon can be found at the Graffiti USA Car Museum Store.    

This just popped up on my newsfeed and it is a cool shirt.  I don’t know how or why it is happening, but it is a pretty cool shirt.  


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