Valentine’s View – Valentines for Single People

Valentine’s View

Valentines for the Single People
By Victoria Popoff
When we were in elementary school, we’d exchange Valentines Day cards and treats to everyone in our class, giddy with excitement. It was a day to celebrate friendship, your peers and what innocent love looked like.

When we all got older, it morphed into a day to celebrate romantic love with the one we chose. It became more pressure to present your loved one with red roses, chocolates, gifts and expensive dinners.

But, what do all the single people do on Valentines? Some choose Ben & Jerry’s in dark depression over their independence, and some celebrate their freedom with friends. So, fear not! Here are some ideas to utilize during this season of love.

In a recent Instagram poll, most women stated if they were single on Valentines, they would create a date with their friends e.g. “Galentines” or with their children. They would celebrate their freedom, and ability to love on their friends, children and peers. It ranged from board games, Rosè tasting, dinner together at home, to cheesy movies and treats.

Most men polled stated they went about their day unaffected.

There are lots of things going on around Modesto to embrace our single community!

Bookies – Speed Dating – Thursday, Feb 13

Blades & Bottles – Thursday, Feb 13 – a singles night hosted by Madden, 95.1 KHOP host
Gather your gang and join in on the “Onesie Bar Crawl” in Modesto, hitting all the local hot spots. Feb 15

Take a fitness class with your friends! Grab a workout at Orange Theory and a healthy drink at Nektar, the new smoothie bar.

Grab a ticket to the live music of Sankofa Theatre: Seven Gutairs at the Gallo Center. Feb 14-16
Take a spa day, get a facial or massage to destress and pamper yourself.

If you can’t find something to do, to celebrate the independence you have, create something! Invite your friends over, feel grateful for friendships and toast to that!

Reach out! I’d love to hear about your Valentine’s ideas and solutions!

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