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By Mary Layton
Life’s Lessons

The best thing about getting older is that we may actually learn from our mistakes and change the way we have been thinking. I love how Abraham Lincoln puts it: “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Looking back on my own life I can say that being less selfish and keeping the focus on the larger picture has been so much more rewarding.

Life’s a mystery! I think that’s a good thing to remember. If we could only bow to the fact that we really know so little about life! Instead most of us act as though we know it all. That we can judge and define everything. That we have all the answers. We insist that we are right, that we are on the right track; the others got it all wrong. We feel frustrated, disappointed and stressed out.

Who knows? There may be a reason why everything isn’t going as we expected. Could it be that the universe is trying to guide us where we are supposed to go? I have learnt that we need to listen more, wait a little while before we judge and change our attitude by questioning our assumptions. Not that I would say that hardships and struggles are desirable but they may just be a blessing in disguise. When the going gets tough we try harder, we may seek guidance from a Higher Power and reach out for help from others. It is then that we may learn something important.

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About the Author:

Mary Layton has practiced T'ai Chi for 35 years and co-founded T'ai Chi Ch'uan Academy of Modesto in1995. She and her partner have taught hundreds of students. Mary travels frequently to learn from her teacher Grand Master Kai Ying Tung. Interested in every aspect of health Mary likes to follow a natural path. She loves writing, painting, gardening, hiking and playing piano.