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A Runners Heart

FitView: A Runners Heart
By Efren Martinez

Running man focused on heart

Being a runner as well as a Tri-Athlete may sometimes come with an ill side effect of living a healthy lifestyle. Quite often it’s not the actual race that can be detrimental to your heart health but the training that leads up to it. I’ve often read that each one of us has a pre-programmed amount of heartbeats in life. If this is even a little true then the faster our heart races the closer we come to our end of life. Gibberish? Perhaps.

I myself have known many seasoned runners who have had heart issues later in life. I have even known some who have actually passed away from a heart attack on an easy pace run. As I’ve aged this has always been at the back of my mind. So when should I start to slow down? Just like many of the runners out there, I too am addicted to the endorphins and the happiness that runners experience while running. If left up to most runners they would not quit till God decides. Meaning soon after the age of 30 you may start to see a decline in your speed and stamina. Not always, my fastest speeds were in my mid 40’s. Still, nonetheless, now that I’m past that prime for speed I’ve started to consider the heart health implications of taxing my heart several times a week in fitness.

Our hearts are like the engine of a car and just like an engine, it doesn’t last forever. As we age and the faster we go the quicker it wears out. Our bodies are also slower to recover. I myself want to live and I’m sure you do too! This is why I’ve decided to write about this very topic for those who may be training for a race or will be racing sooner than later. Consider your overall health. Sure it’s great to participate in races but always listen to your body. If you feel fast on that day, go for it. If you feel slow on any given race or workout day it’s best to not push yourself. The bottom line is this, having a great race or training isn’t worth a penny if you are not around to enjoy life.

The heart is a muscular organ, the more you work it the larger it can get. If this is all too much that’s the point. Let’s pay more attention to what we so commonly forget and what keeps us alive. Our hearts! Eat, drink and breathe as clean as you can at any age with the inspirational thoughts of great heart health

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I answered the call back in 1983; mixing Music and Entertainment with an eccentric European style has always come easy for me. In the early 80's I was the Disc Jockey for most of the high school dances in Modesto. In the late 80's I found myself in Hollywood working as a dancer and sound engineer for various professional recording industries. In 1990 my wife of 25 years and I started (The Quake Mobile DJ ®) which was seeded from San Francisco's 1985, The Quake, radio station that only lasted a short while on the air. 26 years later The Quake Mobile DJ is bigger & better than ever in the Entertainment industry. Real-Estate, photojournalism, event promoter, saving animals, travel and fitness are a few other of my interests. I also enjoy motivational speaking to children and to those who are struggling with addiction. In my life, I have always been a very direct person and once I see a goal I won't quit till I've achieved it. But out of all of the above I feel in my heart that the best inspiration in my life is my wife and my love for the faith that I practice. Phil 4:20