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Casa de Modesto Brick Fundraiser

Casa de Modesto’s brick fundraiser is up and running!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the fundraiser, you are encouraged to go to the Casa de Modesto website   and click on “donate a brick”, the words are on a gold background so you can’t miss it (click on “donate a brick”, then scroll down to the actual bricks). 

This is a great opportunity for us to help Casa de Modesto earn a little extra money during this Pandemic, everything is done online or by using the paper form (attached).  Liane, the Marketing Coordinator at Casa, is doing a great job getting flyers out to residents and their families, vendors and anyone else she can think of, it’s also in the Modesto Chamber happenings e-mail blast. Our goal is to sell 300 bricks and we have a short window of time to do it in (all orders have to be in by September 18th),   Casa needs our help!

The best way for us to help is to share the flyer and order form with people we know (family, friends, and business connections), really anyone we think might be interested. If you’re on Facebook, Casa de Modesto has the flyer on their FB page, which you can share with all of your FB friends.  If you know someone who would like to donate but does not want their own brick, they can donate one for a resident. 

Selling 300 bricks would be a profit of approximately $30,000 for Casa de Modesto, which would be great!  If someone purchases a brick prior to 8/31 they’re entered into an “early bird special” drawing to win a $250.00 gift certificate to Centrella Inn, Pacific Grove

  4×8 Text Only Brick —————— $125

 4×8 Text and Clipart Brick ———- $125

 8×8 Text Only Brick —————— $300

 8×8 Text and Clipart Brick ———- $300

 8×8 Custom Logo Brick ————– $400

Your help is aprriciated in getting the word out about this fundraiser so we can meet our goal of selling 300 bricks!

Brick Flier-Online

Order form






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