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Jazz & Blues View: Tryin times and out of Quarantine!

Jazz & Blues View: Tryin times and out of Quarantine!
By Eric Benson

And so it goes, I am doing my thing seeing my patients in primary care with the Fiesta De Mascara, the festival of masks with a lot of stress on top of the usual issues of sickness and health. Please take a minute to reach out to the vulnerable and those that are not doing well, imagine being homeless right now. Times are tough but they will get better, but we need to take care of ourselves and each other right now. We will weather this too but in the meantime stay safe but live your life to the fullest.

Well, the show must go on folks and we need to be creative to keep the music and life going forward. A lot of business are having outside seating to accommodate folks and keep everyone safe. Café Urbano is back in business and we will be doing shows outside and keep the music going. We need all our fans to come out in this difficult time to get on with life as ah; unusual!.

On the calendar for Café Urbano August: Sunday 2nd Texas Funk with Roberto Gloria, Blue Monday Band with Josh Rosenblum and Andrew Rosenblum guest artists with the band, Sunday 16th the return of Chris Cain Band, and Sunday 23rd Eric Benson turns 63!, Jazz Geezer Birthday party with Barry Finnerty and Blue Monday Band. Please be like Alpha Beta and tell a friend”

Ralston’s Goat back at it with live music in the bar with seating out in the open air to accommodate the new restrictions to keep everyone safe, Dave Dow throwing down the Jazz jam every Thursday 7 Pm hosting with special guests weekly.

There are a lot of my fellow musicians and artists that cannot do their “day job” right now so please support online performances so they can weather this situation. Since the gigs are on hold, I will give a little taste of what some of my Blue Monday Band members are about.

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