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By Efren Martinez

Fitness In Place

With gyms and fitness studio establishments closed once again so many are looking to alternatives. When it really comes down to it gyms aren’t the only option. For some reason we’ve come to believe that in order to get fit we need a gymnasium or a variety of special equipment. Not today! Sure being outdoors has always been my personal preference to get my workout in but actuality all you really need, depending on your size and height, is roughly a 6×6 space. I have found I can get a very hard workout in my own 6 foot bubble that includes a cardio workout. Mind you if you’re over 6 feet tall you may need an 8×8 square bubble to maximize your fitness in place workout and that’s OK. Another plus for this fitness in place space is that you can do all your fitness without any kind of expensive exercise equipment machines such as a treadmill, elliptical, spin bike or dumbbells. It’s all done in the simplest form by using gravity and your own weight along with a jump rope.

Knowing that one size doesn’t fit all in our fitness levels I’d invite you to jump online and search a calisthenics workout that may be the right fit for you. Below is one I put together that can be adjusted for beginners to the advanced. Friends please, if you are a beginner in fitness always check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to start any kind of exercise program. Note! This fitness in place 45 minute workout below is not only doable on your patio, living room or in your garage but one that will kick your fitness Astronauts.

Calisthenics Exercises in 45 minutes

* Stretch and Loosen Up: Start with warming up your core and muscles by stretching easy for 5 minutes.
* Jumping Jacks and Deep Knee Bends: Warm up for 5 minutes. (Various sets of 12) for 5 minutes.
* Skip Rope: This is an extreme cardio workout only equal to running. 5-10 minutes depending on your fitness and ability.
* Push-Up: Works the chest, triceps, and shoulders while strengthening the core in a plank. (Various sets of 12) for 5 minutes.
* Plank: Builds stability and strength in everything below the chest and above the glutes. (Various sets of 12) for 5 minutes.
* Lunge: Builds strength and mobility in the lower body. (Various sets of 12) for 5 minutes.
* Burpee: Getting down and up off the ground is useful to practice and also does wonders for your heart. (Beginners, try half burpees: no push-up, no jump.) (Various sets of 12) for 5 minutes.
* Cool Down: Take a walk around your block and rejuvenate yourself as you cool down.

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