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Get Your voice HEaRd

Get Your Voice HEaRd-I Am Generation Equality
By Patty Castillo Davis

Sunday, March 8 is a day of civil awareness. International Women’s Day.
This day is a focal point in the movement of women’s rights, a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Some countries commemorate International Women’s Day as a public holiday. 2020 is a pivotal year for advancing gender equality. This year, 45 years since an acknowledgment by the United Nations, we find ourselves in the midst of the 100th Anniversary of the Suffragette Movement during a key election year and Modesto celebrates its Sesquicentennial. I view this crucial time as a Trifecta opportunity, a galvanizing moment to mobilize local action to achieve gender equality in the movement, activate the next generations of women and men and give leaders and gender equality activists, advocates and visionaries the chance to raise awareness against bias, eliminate discrimination and make good on real change. As a global community, we must take stock of our progress and responsibility for our oversight. An equal world is an enabled world. My fundamental truth is living in the world of music where recognition is not possible without opportunity. I can demonstrate by my “hustle”  as evidence of how much additional promotion and effort is required of me versus male music acts. Until systematic change really begins and my male peers stipulate that they only play in venues and at events with balanced talent will this change. When Country radio adopts policies full of that include “not playing two female artists back to back”, and the professional music industry’s inclusion record is an anemic 21.7% Female Artists, 14.4% Female Songwriters and 2.6% Female Producers, how can we expect our local community to give regard to gender disparity?
I do. I expect it. I expect it because I’ve been met with welcome by a proportionate number of individuals who recognize my talent, efforts, and account of my achievements-men and women who share the urgency of addressing these issues around representation. Excellence in creativity and technical prowess are not gendered attributes but there is evidence that opportunities and ambitions are smothered. Real change has been agonizingly slow for the majority of women and girls in the world.
But as for me, I am hopeful, continually renewed and committed to being a model of accountability and reform.
I invite you to show your support for this female-driven entertainment-
Tiffany Rose and the Outlaw Hearts are pleased to announce the completion of their “first collection of original songs that have grown, like us, over the years and are finally ready to be shared”. Stay tuned for a date TBA for a cd release show.
Take Action for Equality. #EachforEqual
If you would like info on booking local opportunities in our community please connect at

3/4 with The Vibes Barkin Dog Grill 7 pm
3/12 with Tim Allen @ The Boardroom 9:30 pm
3/27 with the Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra State Theater 8 pm
3/29 Deva Cafe 10 am
3/8 Deva Cafe 10 am
3/8 Ralston’s Goat 2:30 pm
3/27 The Tri Tipperry Escalon 5 pm
3/28 The Terrace 8 pm
3/7 Blaker Brewing 2 pm
3/14 Lodi Wine Social 7 pm
3/15 Deva Cafe 10 am

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