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Greetings Friends,

Well it’s back to school already. It is so amazing that school starts so early, but I remember when I was a kid, I was kind of ready for school to start back up and see all if my friends after a summer of travelling and hanging out with my friends. Summers around here were always fun, riding our bikes all over, cruising the canal banks, running out to Knights Ferry. No wonder we ended up as bicycle racers.

But it’s time for kids to hit the books and the iPads. School sports are heating up, literally, and it is time for some Friday Night Lights. In the middle of all of this late summer toastiness, we need to find time for a cold and tasty beer or other refreshing beverage. Last month, we had fun rocking the Stanislaus County Fair and ate fair food in downtown Modesto and now we turn our sights to the amazing local micro-brew community, that began way back in the early 1900s on 10th St. and got a big jump start with St. Stan’s in the 80s and 90s. Today there are many to choose from and we will get a tour from our friend @thatonebeergal Kelsi Brink.

Live music gets a big push this month at the annual VMI / Roberts Auto ModStock at Graceada Park featuring a full day of local bands featuring both brand new bands and long time favorites. Music in the Plaza continues each Friday evening. Come rock with my band Third Party on the 19th in 10th St Plaza. But our music scene is lacking in some things that we need to take action on ASAP. We need some music houses, we need more places to play as the local music scene is being propped up by our local restaurant and bars, already under a great deal of financial pressure following the pandemic. We open up the nominations for the 2022 MAMA Awards and you can send your suggestions to<> so we can get ready for the MAMA Awards on October 18.

We need to upgrade our parks, trails and neighborhoods and maybe even get our groove going on some roller skating, and we will catch up with my friend and city councilperson Chris Ricci. Let’s tap in to the new energy on the city council and let’s let our civic leaders know what we want and need and get involved to make your voice heard. As toxic as the local political climate is nationally, we need to do all we can to make our own community better, treating all with respect, equality and the empathy that people deserve. Freedom means being who you want to be and respecting those that are what they want to be. Otherwise it is simply oppression and disrespect. There is a very fine line there we must understand.

Good things happen when we support local businesses. I am so grateful for the local businesses and organizations that support ModestoView each month so that we can bring good news, ideas and information all across our county, reaching more than 160,000 people and thousands more on line and on social. If you want to be one those businesses, please let me know at<> We can do good things together and take the time to shop local and keep our dollars here in town.

Lets help our kids go back to school with the right supplies and support. A good education can change your world, and it takes a good community to help kids succeed. Check out the sneak peak of the Modesto Children’s Museum this month and see where the excitement leads.

See you out and about and please make sure you tell me what you like and what you don’t like about ModestoView so that we can continue to make it better.

With gratitude,

Chris Murphy
Publisher & Founder, ModestoView<>

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About the Author:

Chris Murphy is the President and CEO of Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group and Publisher and Founder of ModestoView Inc. Chris worked globally in the cycling industry returning to Modesto in 1996. He is also the founder of the Modesto Historic Graffiti Cruise Route, Legends of the Cruise Walk of Fame, Modesto Rockin’ Holiday, the Modesto Music History Organization and co-founder of the Modesto Area Music Association. Chris is married to his artist wife Rebecca since 1985 and has two daughters Madison and Abigail, both graduating from Modesto High and UC Berkeley. He is lead singer and guitarist for his band, Third Party that donates their performances to non-profits.