Operation 9-2-99 July 8th River Cleanup Event

Operation 9-2-99 is our project to clean up the Tuolumne River through Modesto and promote recreation opportunities. Our next cleanup will be Saturday, July 8th from 9:00AM-Noon. Our meeting location will be across from 626 Neece Dr. between John Thurman Field and Dryden Golf Course on the north bank of the river. We need a large group of volunteers for this cleanup. Tell a friend, a family member, a classmate, a church or club or team member, a neighbor, or a co-worker that we need them.

Direct them to the website at tinyurl.com/operation9-2-99 Forward them the information page and waiver forms. Post the information on social media. The website is the best place for volunteers to sign up and has details, including a map, about the next cleanup. Volunteers under the age of 18 need a parent signed waiver form that is available on the website and should be completed in advance. We need as many volunteers as we can gather to return this area to a clean, natural riparian habitat open to recreation that the community can be proud of. I hope to see you and your group there. Feel free to forward this information to anyone else who might be interested in reducing blight and increasing recreation opportunities in our community. Together we are making a real difference.

Thank you,

Chris Guptill
Operation 9-2-99 – tinyurl.com/operation9-2-99

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