OutsideLands – A Festival to it’s Own

Outside Lands 2019
BY Chris Murphy

It was kind of impossible to have a bad day on opening day of OutsideLands 2019. After a ride in on the shuttle, which makes life so easy by the way, walked through the tunnel, a very dramatic and fun way to enter. First on our agenda was the California Honeydrops at the Twin Peaks stage. Note: This is a pretty good haul. Allow a solid 10-15 min to walk from the Lands End stage to the Twin Peaks stage. First off, check out the OSL Cocktails, we loved the Rye Tai. Yes, it’s what you think. Some of the best bands are on the Panhandle Stage and this year is no exception. After a good show from the Neighborhood, we head straight for The Marias. Smooth, sophisticated Samba dream pop and they were all dressed in matching white and lead singer Maria was dreamy as well. www.facebook.com/pg/themariasmp3/

Next we cruised through Bubble Tea Party land and then over to Winelands, snapping our picture with Ranger Dave, where we stopped to nibble at Cheeselands before finding a matching Cab at WineLands. This is a great tent covered pitstop with a nice breeze. Soon it was time to get ready for Blink 182 and that meant a little time with Lil Wayne. Not my thing but the crowd loved it. Blink was all in and put on a high energy show, loaded with hits that was a throwdown for headliner 21 Pilots. Blink’s Mark Hoppus is still as funny and irreverent as ever. Look for a new album out soon.

Capping off the night were amazing shows from Counting Crows with a very animated Adam Duritz. Great to see them in action again and we heard the hits, played with passion and a lot of good stories from this bay area band. On our schedule was Lumineers and they we shimmering. Clear clean show and even a special pop up stage out in the middle that brought them closer to the crowd, taking back to their days playing Café Du Nord.

21 Pilots finished off the night and both headliners kept the crowd riveted until the very end. Can’t wait until tomorrow .
Chris Murphy – ModestoView
Photos By MJ Mangano and Chris Murphy

OutsideLands 2019 – Day 2.

Childish Gambino announced during his headlining set that Saturday was the largest attendance at OutsideLands ever. Yep, it was true. The festival was packed. Today’s crowd was one of the reasons that VIP is worth it, with dedicated viewing spaces and restrooms, just sayin’. This was an action packed day with amazing shows from Hozier to Flume, to Santigold and Phosporescent and so many more. One of the shows I most wanted to see was Hozier and it was packed, so packed you couldn’t really move but the music was great and I watched and listened from afar. Fortunately MJ Mangano had staked out a good location for photos.

Day 3 –
First things first, we went to Chef Smelly’s for the Surf and Turf fries. They are every bit as good as the hype.



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