WellnessView – Positive in Negative Times

By Victoria Popoff

What’s there to be positive about in a world of NO?

Uncertainty leads to anxiety, stress and feelings of overwhelming emotion. The unknown, and loss are traumatic and heavy.

Here are some ways you can boost your mood, naturally.

Science shows being around positive, happy people is contagious. We can socially distance and still get those vibes… or even virtually. Anyone who inspires you? Tune in, listen, feel their happiness and let it effect you.

Go for a walk. Increase your vitamin D. Connect with nature. Take yourself away from your screens. Love the body you are in. Let endorphins kick in, and feel the natural high.

Drink more water. It is a natural detox. It will cleanse the body, organs and blood. Up your hydration for better sleep, decreased feelings of stress and grounding.

Walk barefoot in the grass. This reminds us what it feels like to be a child, It gives us a grounding sense. Think back to happy memories in your youth outdoors while your toes are in the grass.

Digital detox. Pick up a book. There is something about opening a book, and hearing the pages turn that is soothing,

Muting social media accounts that cause you stress. Did you know there is a “mute” button? It’s true! You don’t have to unfriend anyone, just can temporarily mute them so you don’t have their content show up in your feed. (instagram- account – following – mute)

Tune in to a virtual fitness session. There are so many online these days. Did you know I teach feel good Pilates on Thursdays on the ModestoView Facebook page at 10am & 4:30pm? There are 30 sessions recorded already.

Tell people who have impacted you that you appreciate them. Verbal affirmation feels good for you to say it and for them to hear it.

Try meditation. Online, app-based, or just slow deep breathing can lower your heart rate and give you a feeling of control and stability.

Hug your family members, rub their shoulders, brush their hair. Did you know this a natural stress reducer? Physical affection is shown to lower cortisol levels.

Be creative. Paint, draw, mold clay, build, even grab your kid’s Legos or Play Dough. Being a kid again and using your creativity will draw on different parts of your brain, creating some nice feel good chemicals firing in your body.

Watch funny movies. Laughter is good medicine. It heals the body and mind to laugh.

Rest more. Nap if you can. Go to bed a bit earlier. Play relaxing music to soothe yourself to sleep. Add essential oils to your pillows or a diffuser in your room.

Have a pet? Spend quality time with your loved animal. Caring for an animal is a huge benefit to stress reduction and gives us a sense of purpose. Many shelters were emptied during quarantine. Is it time to adopt another?

Write down the things you are grateful for. You have them, I promise. Then tape it to your fridge. Remind yourself that good exists, you just need to look.

Know this chapter of uncertainty is temporary. You WILL get through this. I’d love to hear from you on how you are keeping a positive mindset.
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