AllAges – Happy April Modesto!

By Grace McNamara

I’m very excited the weather is starting to clear up, and the sunny sky’s are upon us once again. The first thing I always think about when I hear the word spring is spring cleaning! I recommend looking through your clothes, and donating some to a local thrift store, the Modesto Gospel mission, or someone you know in need. It is wonderful to help out others who are in need.

Earth Day is approaching, which is one of my favorite days! Our earth should be celebrated and taken care of everyday. One way you can do this is by shopping second hand. When thrifting, you are using less resources, and less things are thrown away. When shopping second hand, you are providing an item with a new home, which originally could have been thrown in the trash. This will help create less landfill and reduce pollution! Another bonus is that you can buy awesome products or clothing pieces for super cheap! What are you waiting for? Go thrifting! Another way to help give our earth some love would be by recycling. Recycling is a very simple and easy task that goes a long way. It conserves natural resources, and reduces the demand for raw materials. If you are busy, but still want to help keep our earth healthy, I highly recommend trying out recycling.

Earth Day in the park this year will be held on April 22nd at Graceada Park from 10am to 4pm. This is an amazing event to help our community gain more knowledge about our earth in a joyful way. Local businesses and vendors will be there to help provide information about our environment. This is a very important and educational event, and I hope to see you there.

Have a lovely spring, Modesto!

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