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The Wicked Twitch In The West, MF MAMA!

With over 2000 Twitch followers and counting, this MAMA ain’t taking no mess, but wait a second, I thought Twitch was for gamers?! Let’s see if MY FRIEND, MUCHO FUEGO, MUTHA FUNKIN, MF MAMA can break it down for us.

1. Whats up homiegirrrl!!! Can you let these people know what you have been doing with your Djing and the Twitch platform?

At the moment, I have just been trying to learn to adapt to all the equipment I have not had the luxury of owning myself. During the pandemic, I started my Twitch channel to have an outlet and give myself a space where I could share the music I love to listen to and play. I never thought that it would grow the way it has, even after we are now able to play live gigs. Twitch and the Twitch community have really allowed me to be myself, meet other like-minded djs and even network to the point of being asked to play for events. It really has been a blessing.

2. How long have you been involved in Hip Hop?

I have been around hip hop culture since middle school. From the neighbors down the street teaching me how to breakdance, to skateboarding since I was 12, to my friends who were always into making beats in a small bedroom and having their friends come record verses or freestyle, to the friends who got me into graffiti, I just really wanted to learn and be part of the culture. Becoming a turntablist was a dream in high school. I always wanted to be the female version of Dj Shadow, who has been one of my favorite artists and influences music wise.

3. I heard some of the stuff you were playing on Twitch, sounds like drum and bass, electronica, trip hop. What would you consider your style to be?

Some of the genres I play on Twitch are: drum and bass, jungle, hardcore, trap, dubstep, hip-hop, rnb, garage, grime, house and chillwave. Sometimes I do practice scratch sessions. My channel grew the most when I started connecting with other drum and bass channels. For the most part, even though the majority of my streams are drum and bass, I still consider myself to be an open format dj, because I love almost every genre of music.

1. Where are some places around town and beyond that you have played at?

Luckily, we have a great community here in Modesto where I have been able to play. I’ve played at Trax on Wax at Speakeasy, Lofi Cocktails, Contentment Brewery and DOMO First Fridays. Thanks to networking on Twitch and breaking out of my introverted shell a bit, I have also been able to play in the Bay Area for underground raves and at locations such as Burnt Ramen, Brix, Underground SF, Stamina at F8, Lower Grand Radio and Secret Spot in Oakland.

5. What do you go by on Twitch, and do you have booking info?

Twitch Info: twitch.tv/mf_mama<twitch.tv/mf_mama>

Email: Ladamamama@gmail.com<mailto:Ladamamama@gmail.com> for bookings

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