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Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood

Harry Potter Land
By Russ Allsup

My first Universal Studios Hollywood experience was in 1981, back when they actually had a couple of ‘Bionic Man’ attractions. I went again in 1994, when the main attractions were for the films ‘Backdraft’ and Back To the Future’. Last week I went to experience the new Harry Potter attraction, which opens up on April 7th.

The latest addition should be a big hit with attendees of the park. Anyone that likes the Harry Potter films will love the new attraction, which is a faithful recreation of different sets from the films (the attention to detail is stunning) and should guarantee lots of smiling faces.

Other highlights from the park included the various rides and the studio tour. A standout for me was the Simpsons attraction, which had a Moe’s Bar with real Duff Beer. This is a great part of the park to see if you’re a fan of the iconic tv show. I also really enjoyed the Fast and the Furious 3D attraction, and my favorite part of each time I’ve been there has been the tour of the movie lots and sets, which includes actual sets and props from movies filmed on the Universal Studios lot including ‘Psycho’ and ‘Jaws’.

It’s amazing to have seen the changes the theme park has been through over the last 35 years. There are new state of the art attractions along with pieces of Universal Studios movie history.

If you’re in Los Angeles you should make one of the places you go to Universal Studios. It’s a great place to check out by yourself or with a whole family- there’s something for everyone.

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