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Keeping Composer

Songwriting View: Keeping Composer
By Patty Castillo Davis

Creativity can flourish anytime and anywhere. Even when an artist is not focused on bringing art to life- it grows. Inspiration flows from all spaces and time. It does not understand if it is born out of chaos. Now we are finding ourselves adapting a new routine, even if the routine is fraught with reservation. We continue on with modifications out of necessity. Thankfully there is no shortage of magic in morale, tenacity, resourcefulness on the fringe of grift and then there is hope. Music cannot be stopped. Composers are out there making melodies and sharing the fruits of their labor. Craig Sorrenti from the Central Valley Rock Academy has continued in facilitating these efforts by instructing and recording students into their futures in music. He recently produced “Why Can’t People Get Along Now?” for local artist Ron Roy. For a listen to this track visit Be on the lookout for releases of future tracks by the youth bands he mentors. Central Valley Rock Academy is officially open, for info and inquiries call 209-968-1310.
Dominic Del Curto is proof that you cannot harness musical energy if it needs to happen. He returns with an enchanting instrumental song called “Marry Me Someday”, a tune inspired by a friend’s poem written in high school and brought to life by Del Curto just recently which actually became an integral part of this friend’s wedding soundtrack. This very personal creation can be found at http// and will soon be available on most traditional digital streaming services.
No one can say that Stanislaus county, Modesto, and especially the downtown area does not support its economy. No one can say that even during a Pandemic, nor under the threat of civil unrest or a fire season producing air quality that is not habitable for even the healthiest person-will keep folks home and away from a makeshift entertainment area in a corridor, sidewalk or a parking lot. Check out our calendar and on Facebook for the places to find live entertainment.
When we find ourselves released into the next phase there will something new and exciting from Gina Rossi, Owner/Operator of Speakeasy Lounge and Cheroot Cigar Bar. The teams over at those two establishments are ready and eager to get back to serving their community and cannot deny that the evolution of restaurants becoming “outdoor pop up bars” can be disheartening and frustrating for true clubs and bars trying to stay alive. They understand the concern at this time but find it difficult to digest loopholes in the rules. Anyone who regularly reads this column knows that this is a platform for support and promotion for our women business owners, artists and supporters. Stay tuned for info on the grand reopening of Cheroot and Speakeasy with a welcome back party and the implementation of a regular “Ladies Night” event focusing on entertainment lead by female performers.
Best of luck to Gina and everyone who has had to go dark during this time of COVID 19.
Please send info and inquiries on Livestream opportunities, booking info and shout outs to our female entrepreneurs to

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